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Fire Rated Recessed and Semi-Recessed Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire Rated Recessed and Semi-Recessed Extinguisher Cabinets

Click any of the fire rated extinguisher cabinet links below to view or download our technical data sheets.

Model 102F-FG-FR 8"x17"x5" c/w 1/4" Return (5lb.)

Model CE-151-FR 8"x17"x5" c/w 2" Return (5lb.)

Model CE-950-3-SCFR 9"x24"x6" c/w 1/.4" Return (10lb.)

Model CE-950-3-FR 9"x24"x6" c/w 1" Return (10lb.)

Model CE-950-3-2-FR 9"x24"x6" c/w 2 3/4" Return (10lb.)

Model CE-950-1-FR 14 1/2"x30"x4" c/w 2" TB (20lb.)

National Fire Equipment’s line of fire rated extinguisher cabinets carry a Warnock Hershey International 2 hour fire rating. Our cabinets are available in a number of different styles to accommodate 5lb., 10lb., and 20lb multi-purpose dry chemical as well as 2.5 gallon water pressure fire extinguishers. Cabinets are designed to accommodate 4”, 6”, and 8” wall depths and for all sizes of extinguishers. Cabinets can be ordered with a variety of paint finishes as well as brushed stainless steel!

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full line fire rated extinguisher cabinets technical data sheets..