Providing fire protection solutions since 1959

    Spinkler heads, valves, devices, backflows, pipe, fittings, CPVC, grooved products, hangers, siesmic and more.

  • Backflow Preventers & Parts

  • Cabinets & Accessories

    We offer and stock a wide range of cabinets for: fire hose assemblies, extinguishers, valves, hose reels, detention equipment, and industrial supplies. Available in a variety of mounting styles, makes and finishes. 

  • Forestry Firefighting

    Pumps, hose, tools and accessories for fighting forest fires, or; providing fire protection for rural and remote areas.

  • Specialties

    Fire blankets, smoke and CO2 detectors, monitors, flow test equipment, fire safety plan boxes, signs, escape ladders, alarm covers, and more.

  • Fire Extinguishers & Parts

    Dry chemical, carbon dioxide, kitchen class, pressurized water, foam, clean agent and more. We also stock a multitide of parts and components.

  • Valves, Caps & Parts

    Fire hose valves, pressure restricting and regulating valves, hydrant valves, ball valves, gate valves, OS&Y valves, NRS valves, wye valves and more.

  • Sprinkler Accessories

    Escutcheons, guards, signs, cutting oil, markers, check valves and more.


    A broad variety of storage options for both industrial and municipal hose.

  • Alarm System Products

  • Adapters

    Make the right connection; choose from our large slection of adapters. Offered in different materials, threads, styles and connection types.

  • Fire Dept. Connections

    Our fire departments connections are aesthetically pleasing and built to last! Choose from: inlet, outlet, recessed or surface connections in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles.

  • Access Doors

    We offer access doors in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any application.

  • Fire Hose & Accessories

    We offer a wide range of industrial and municipal hose in a variety of sizes and lengths. In addition to stocking and assembling hose; we also offer all full range of hose testing services and repairs.

  • Chemguard Systems & Foam

  • Engineered & Pre-Engineered Systems


National Fire Equipment Ltd. is very happy to announce that our new Backflow Parts Special Net Price Book is now available for download! Watts, Ames, Zurn-Wilkins, Apollo-Conbraco, and Febco backflow parts are all there!

New ESFR-22 Storage Sprinklers are now available!


National Fire Equipment Ltd. is a North American leading supplier of quality fire sprinkler products including Tyco sprinkler heads and devices, Peerless fire pumps, System Sensor supervisory products, PHD hangers, Afcon seismic bracing, as well as North American manufactured steel pipe and fittings, fire protection valves, back flow prevention products and many more! We are proud of our partnership with the leading and most innovative fire protection manufacturers in the world today.


Our standpipe division is Canada's largest  manufacturer and supplier of standpipe fire protection equipment including fire hose cabinets, hose valves, fire extinguishers, fire department connections and fire hose products. We are proud to sell these products under the National Fire name and logo.