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Amerex Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers From AMEREX


50 & 125lb. Stored Pressure–ABC and PURPLE K Dry Chemical

These industrial stored pressure extinguishers are available in a choice of two sizes and chemical options. The carriage design on these extinguishers provides protection for the agent cylinder as well as a well-balanced platform for transportation and operation. The narrow width and easy rolling semi-pneumatic wheels allow one person movement through narrow aisles, doorways, and in confined areas. Chemical and pressure is sealed in the agent cylinder, ready for instant actuation and is always protected from contamination. Stored- pressure wheeled extinguishers are cost effective and easy to maintain and service


125 & 250 lb. –ABC and PURPLE K Dry Chemical

Just like our hand portable extinguishers, High-Performance Z-Series wheeled extinguishers offer superior reliability, corrosion resistance, and affordable maintenance costs.


125 & 300 lb. ABC, PURPLE K Dry Chemical

125 lb. Direct Pressure extinguishers utilize a 23ft3 nitrogen cylinder with a “quick-opening brass valve” to pressurize and completely discharge the agent cylinder. The compact size and 16" semi-pneumatic tires allow easy maneuvering and operation by one person, through narrow doorways and aisles. A 4" stainless-steel fill opening with rugged chrome-plated brass cap makes servicing easier. For large hazards, choose the 300 lb. ABC or Purple K Direct Pressure extinguishers with a “quick-opening” 55ft3 nitrogen cylinder. They provide quality and economical fire protection, large volume capacity for extra-high hazard areas with single-person transport and operation. The 36" X 6" wide steel wheels make movement possible in sandy or soft soil


65 LB. & 150 LB. 

The Amerex Halotron® I extinguishers feature the same qualities found in all Amerex products and adds the convenience of a “clean” extinguishing agent. Halotron® I extinguishing agent has proven itself as the leader in the hunt for an alternative “clean” agent by being the only alternative “clean” agent to obtain FAA approvals for both ramp use (ARFF Vehicle) and on board an aircraft. Combining the quality of Amerex products with a proven alternative “clean” agent, the Amerex Halotron I® wheeled extinguishers offer you the best value in the industry.

3MTM NOVEC 1230™

Fire Protection Fluid This extinguishing agent has a Global Warming Potential of 1 and an atmospheric life of just five days making it the long-term sustainable choice that also has the greatest margin of safety of any of the clean agents in the marketplace today.


50 & 100 LB. 

Large volume CO2 protection provided in either 50 or 100 lb. (2-50 lb. cylinders) wheeled extinguishers. Rugged construction and easy to operate with a “quick-opening” ‘T’ handle valve and horn mounted shut-off valve. A logical choice in areas where a Class B:C non-contaminating agent is required and makes an excellent choice in settings that require a clean agent.


150 lb. Regulated Pressure SODIUM CHLORIDE

250 Lb. Regulated Pressure COPPER POWDER

Two choices for large volume Class D (flammable metal) protection. Model 680 (Sodium Chloride) is effective on magnesium, sodium, potassium, and sodium potassium alloy fires. Model 681 (Copper Powder) designed specifically for fighting difficult lithium fires. Well balanced for quick transport on 36" non-sparking rubber tread steel wheels. Both are pressurized with Argon and regulated to a low 125 psi to avoid disrupting the burning materials.


• Healthcare

• Industrial

• Distribution Centers

• Chemical

• Oil and Gas