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Portable Extinguisher Stand - Steel Pipe Design

For modern style or where improved visibility of a fire extinguisher is critical. Our standard color is red. Our extinguisher stands offer a permanent home so that users always have an ideal location with improved visibility. Stop your extinguisher from becoming a door stop. Aid in simple relocating in the event of an emergency or in rapidly changing situations.   Prevents damage to wall mounted extinguishers in corridors or heavy traffic areas by passing traffic.   Ideal for locations that are difficult to mount on the wall such as thin partitioned walls or in workshops, building environments where wall mounting is simply not appropriate. Ideally suited to rooms that have changing environments, layouts and uses. Examples of commonly utilized locations are exhibition halls, office buildings, public buildings, hotels, and construction sites. Extinguisher stands will help prevent theft of the extinguisher by making it obvious if an extinguisher is missing.   Add some pizzazz to your fire protection with our strong, single-piece extinguisher stand with a universal bracket to fit all sizes and types of extinguisher.   Technical Specifications: Designer lightweight single piece tubular frame with UV protected powder coat paint Universal bracket for any type of extinguisher. 27" High x 13" wide x 14" deep. Installation requirements: None. Simply lean it against a wall or leave free standing.