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Early Fire Detection with Aspirating Smoke Detectors for Elevators

TITANUS® – One of the highest levels of safety in fire detection


Elevators are usually located in elevator shafts which, depending on the type of building, extend from the basement to below the roof of the building. The elevator shafts fulfil various functions such as the unrestricted connection of several floors, noise shielding from the elevator drives, but also the stabilization of the building. Elevator systems are subject to stringent requirements in order not to endanger the safety and health of people or the safety of the goods being transported. This applies in particular to fire protection.

An overview of the specific fire risks in elevators and elevator shafts illustrates the risk potential in these applications.


Smoke in elevator shafts poses a high risk to the elevator users in the event of a fire. For this reason, fire detection technology is mandatory for elevator systems in most countries. The use of appropriate fire protection systems is essential for the optimum protection of life and for the best possible prevention of elevator downtimes.

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