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Fire Sprinkler Testing

NFPA 25 requires building owners to have a sample of the installed sprinklers testing by a reconized testing lab. We offer testing for an easy and convenient way to ensure that your sprinklers are staying in compliance.

What to Test

NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Based Systems. 2023 Edition

A representative sample of sprinklers for testing in accordance with shall consist of either a minimum of four sprinklers or 1 percent of the number of sprinklers per sample area, whichever is greater.

Each sprinkler type and manufacturer in the sample area shall be represented in the sample.

Sprinklers tested shall not include any sprinklers that were replaced at prior testing intervals.

However, NFPA 25 leaves determining sampling environments to the building owner. For example, let’s look at a 20 story building with 200 of the same type of sprinkler on each floor. The building owner could define your sample environment by floor in a 20 story building or they could define the whole building as your environment. In the first example, you would be required to take 4 sprinklers from each floor or 80 sprinklers in total. In the 2nd example, you would be required to take 1% of the whole building or just 40 sprinklers in total. However, consider what NFPA 25 says about sprinklers failing to meet performance requirements: “Where one sprinkler within a representative sample fails to meet the test requirements, all sprinklers within the area represented by that sample shall be replaced.” In the first example, if they had one sprinkler fail on the 1st floor, they would only need to replace that floor’s sprinklers since each floor was represented by a different sampling. In the 2nd example, one sprinkler failure on the 1st floor would require sprinkler replacement for the whole building. A discussion between the building owner and contractor should be had to outline the benefits and draw backs of different sampling sizes.

NFPA 25 Section 5.3.1 Testing Sprinklers, makes the following recommendations for when to either test or replace sprinklers installed in systems.

Fire sprinkler testing kits are avaialbe at all our locations across Canada. Contact your local branch for more information and pricing.