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Hathorn® Inspection Cameras

Hathorn® inspection cameras have been around since 2003 and are manufactured for the toughest pipe inspections and are proudly manufactured in Markham Ontario Canada.  

What is NPFA 25 internal pipe inspection requirements?

NFPA 25 requires a 5 year internal sprinkler inspection to examine the interior of your sprinkler system's piping. This is to be conducted to inspect for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.” Foreign materials can cause obstructions to pipes and sprinklers.

Hathorn® H7 camera system will probably do for most fire sprinkler inspections but several other modes are avaialble. 

H7 Inspection Camera System

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 Warranty, Parts & Repairs

Hathorn® inspection cameras all come with a 1 year limited warranty. Call customer service for more details. 

If something does happen, Hathorn® has a network of repair centers throughout Canada. Call customer service for more details. 

  Contact your local sales representative or the nearest branch for more information on the Hathorn® inspection cameras.