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Pumpkin Tank Open Top Water Reservoir & Stilwell Flyer

Pumpkin Tank Open Top Water Reservoir

This rugged, lightweight, multi-purpose tank shines in every arena. Whether it’s used for ground fire-fighting, for aerial operations or as a reservoir/relay tank, the self-supporting Pumpkin Tank gets the job done. Built with knowledge of what works in the field, the water in this tank is deep for full Bambi Bucket dips every time. When access to natural water supply is limited, the Pumpkin Tank can step in – whatever the application.

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Stilwell Flyer Portable Water Container

The Stilwell Flyer is a portable water container that is transportable by helicopter with long line delivery. It is effective in remote areas, on either steep or sloped terrain. It is constructed of durable, rugged, flexible fabric that is mold- and mildew-resistant. Most notably, the innovative tetrahedron shape of the Stilwell eliminates twisting and residual bounce in flight.

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