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Available Antifreeze

ANTIFREEZE-PRE48/52     Antifreeze Glycerin Premix 48/52 22kg Pail Freeze Point -26°c

ANTIFREEZE-PRE38/62     Antifreeze Propylene Glycol Premix 38/62 20kg Pail Freeze Point -19°c

54028                                   Antifreeze LFP UL Listed Premix 5gal Pail for Steel & CPVC Freeze                                                     Point -25°c

54033                                   Antifreeze+ LFP UL Listed Premix 5gal Pail for Steel & CPVC Freeze                                                   Point -33.6°c

Antifreeze Solutin Testing

Antifreeze in sprinkler system has become a hot-button issue within the sprinkler industy. Recently several incidents have occured which raised questions regarding the effectiveness and safety of antifreeze solutins in fire sprinklers, particularly residential systems. NFPA commiette Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems recommends the following regarding the testing of antifreeze solutions:

• The system shall be tested annually.

• If the type of antifreeze cannot be reliably determined, then the system shall be completely drained and replaced with an acceptable solution.

• For systems installed prior to September 30, 2012, legacy solutions are allowed until September 30, 2022 provided the concentration of propylene glycol or glycerin is at an acceptable level.

• For systems installed after September 30, 2012, listed antifreeze solution is required.

Antifreeze solution testing kits are available at all our locations across Canada. Contact your local branch for more information and pricing.