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Model 201 Exposed FDC

Application: Double Inlet FD connection with 500 GPM inlet capacity used to supplement water supply in standpipe or sprinkler systems. Body comes with a single swing clapper to prevent water from exiting the second inlet when not in use. Body standard with (2) 2 ½” (65mm) swivel hose thread inlets c/w brass plugs or red aluminum break off caps. Base with 4” (100mm) or 6” (152mm) female NPT. Standard plate lettering is “Auto. Spkr.”, “Standpipe” or combined “Auto. Spkr / Standpipe”. 

Construction: Cast brass body with red aluminum plate and caps.

Rated Pressure: 300 PSI /2068.50 kpa 

Options: Satin Chrome, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome.

Approvals: ULC, UL, FM

National Fire Equipment Ltd. Exposed Fire Department Connections

National Fire Equipment FDC. 

Fire Department Connections are among the most visible fire protection products and are normally installed on the front of buildings typically close to main entrances. With this in mind, National Fire provides a wide assortment of FDC’s that will look great from the first day of installation and continue to look just as great many years after.

National's “Y” bodies are constructed of the best quality brass that will stand up in any harsh weather. Our “break off” caps are constructed of cast aluminum and painted with a baked enamel paint that will not fade in the most extreme sunlight. Our plates are made of rugged zinc plated metals with a special epoxy paint that will also never fade.

Our Competitor’s FDC. 

Some of our competitors’ brass bodies develop “white rust” which is usually associated with lower grades of brass composites with a higher concentration of lead and iron.

Plastic “easy off” caps are difficult to install and almost always fall off and need replacement. The plastic caps also become brittle after exposure to sunlight and winter conditions.

Competitors plates are constructed of poor quality cast aluminum and painted with a low grade paint that will eventually fade and turn to a chalky powder. Plastic plates also fade and look worn out after only a few months.

Photo to the right shows poor quality paint finishes on FDC Plates. The paint turns to a white chalk when exposed to sunlight. The paint finish actually brushes off with a swipe of a finger.

Replacing cracked or chipped plates is time consuming and costs money. 

Photo to the left shows a cracked plate from one of our competitors. This is usually caused by poor quality casting during the manufacturing process. Some plates actually crack at the factory before painting. (See arrow)

Quality and Price! National Fire is one of the largest suppliers of fire department connections in North America and because of National\'s volume; we can offer quality products at competitive prices…often lower than our competitors. Call your local branch office for pricing today!