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High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems

High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems

Carbon dioxide is a reliable, versatile and efficient fire fighting agent. It has provided decades of successful operation. It is a dry, inert, non-corrosive gas that will not damage equipment or materials or contaminate liquids or food. It does not leave any residue to clean-up, and as a result, business down-time is held to a minimum. In addition, carbon dioxide is a non-conductor of electricity, and can even be used without danger in spaces housing high voltage electrical equipment. Choose a High Pressure CO2 Fire Protection Solution.

Featuring innovative high-performance cylinder valves

• Patented cost-saving unibody design – does not have separate valve and discharge heads.
Engineered for reliability – no top or bottom cap joints to leak.
Simple to set up – slave valve operates from manifold back pressure … no need for a separate pressurizing line.
High performance operation – clear unimpeded right-angled flow path.
Easy to maintain – removable valve seat for quick replacement.
Ingenious force differential valve – uses cylinder pressure to hold the valve closed.
Machined brass construction for added reliability – no drop-forged parts.


Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems are:

• Flammable Liquid Storage
• Chemical Laboratories
• Transformer Vaults
• Oil Circuit Breakers
• Engine Enclosures Pump Rooms
• Hydraulic Oil Cellars
• Gas Turbines
• Equipment Enclosures
• Storage Vaults

Click here to download the High Pressure CO2 Manual.