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Chemguard Foam Concentrates

Chemguard Foam Concentrates

National Fire Equipment Ltd. now distributes across Canada a wide range of Chemguard fire-fighting foam concentrates to meet a wide range of fire-fighting challenges, including industrial, marine, mining, municipal, oil, petrochemical, and transportation. Our aqueous film-forming foams (AFFFs), Class A foams, wetting agents, high-expansion foam concentrates, and protein foams are suitable for ground and air attack, creating firebreaks, use with compressed-air foam systems (CAFS), and mop-up operations.

Chemguard's fire-fighting foams are some of the most environmentally friendly products in their class in the world. Our AFFF products have 30-70% less fluorochemical content than other UL Listed products on the market, while our alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF) has the lowest and best application rate in the industry.

Because of their effectiveness, Chemguard foam concentrates can achieve knockdown faster and with lower product volumes than similar agents, which can substantially lessen property damage and environmental impact.

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