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Figure 771 - Sway Brace Swivel Attachment

Service: Used to rigidly brace piping systems subjected to sway and seismic disturbances. Brace pipe fitting component of Anvil's 700 series sway brace assembly. Functions as a sway brace attachment that is directly attached to Fig. 772 Adjustable Beam Attachment, Fig. 778 Bar Joist Attachment and Fig. 779 Multi-Connector Adapter. Can be utilized as a brace fitting for either a lateral brace or a longitudinal brace, that can be mounted on horizontal or vertical structures.

Approvals: UL and ULC Listed (UL 203A:2009), and FM Approved (FM 1950:2010). Complies with seismic bracing requirements of NFPA-13.

• Requires no threading of bracing pipe
• Sway brace fitting designed for concentric loadings of seismic connections and fasteners.