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Series DS-3 Dry Type Spinklers

Tyco Fire & Building Products 

The FIRST Extended Coverage

Ordinary Hazard (ECOH) Dry Sidewall

The Tyco Series DS-3 (11.2 K- Factor) Dry Type Extended Coverage Ordinary Hazard (ECOH) Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers are intended for use in applications where the sprinklers and/or a portion of the connecting piping may be exposed to freezing temperatures (e.g. horizontal piping extensions through a wall to protect an unheated area of a building).  The DS-3 is designed for extend coverage use in ordinary hazard (ECOH) occupancies per NFPA-13.

The DS-3 provides protection of areas up to 16 ft. x 20 ft (320 square feet), as compared to standard coverage horizontal sidewall sprinklers having a maximum coverage of 10 ft. x 10 ft. (100 square feet) for ordinary hazard occupancies. 

Features & Benefits of the DS-3 Dry Type Sprinklers:

  • Largest Throw pattern (20ft.) Dry Sidewall for Ordinary Hazard.
  • Protect Loading Dock Overhangs. with a Roof Pitch up to 4 inches per foot (4:12)
  • Reduce Pipe, Fittings, Hangers and Labor Because of Fewer Branch Lines.
  • Eliminate Dry Systems and Costly Anti-Freeze Loops.
  • Maximum 12’ Deflector Distance from the Ceiling.