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Model ESFR-22 Pendent Sprinkler

The Model ESFR-22 Pendent Sprinkler joins the TYCO
product range of Early Suppression, Fast Response sprinklers.

The ESFR-22 sprinkler can protect a storage arrangement of 40 ft. (12,2 m) with a ceiling height of 45 ft. (13,7 m). In addition, it can be installed with a maximum deflector-to-ceiling distance of 18 in. (460 mm).
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Features & Benefits
● Ceiling Height of 45 ft. (13,7 m)
● Storage Arrangement of 40 ft. (12,2 m)
● Maximum Working Pressure 175psi (12,1 bar)
● Commodity Flexibility (see full list on back)
● UL and C-UL Listed
● FM Approved