NFE Economy Tubes

NFE Economy Tubes


The hand held pitot tube is still the most efficient and accurate method of measuring water discharge from hose nozzles, hydrants or other type of openings.  National Fire Equipment Ltd. has provided hand held pitot tubes for almost 50 years.  Our models are designed to be sturdy, functional and inexpensive. Currently we are producing three handle styles and four types of replacement blades.  All models feature an air chamber that is machined into the handle.  This serves to dampen the gauge needle under pulsation thus giving a more accurate reading.  A bleeder is not incorporated into our design simply because it would defeat the purpose of the air chamber.  Snapping off the gauge via the quick disconnect fitting provides for fast draining of the tube.  Note:  The pitot blades shown will fit any of our handles made to date.   

Quick Disconnect models make up over 95% of our sales.  The quick disconnect fitting allows for easy removal of the gauge, fast draining of the tube and rotation of the gauge during use. We use a high quality compact brass Parker B23N quick disconnect fitting with stainless steel locking balls.  Since the female portion of the fitting remains on the gauge, no wrenching or twisting of the gauge is necessary during hook up.  This prevents damage caused by hand twisting the gauge into a fitting, resulting in longer gauge accuracy.


1 … Round Handle Quick Disconnect Pitot Tube:  Machined from solid brass stock this model is easy to hold, compact and very durable.  Nickel plated and comes with both ends of the QD fitting.   

2 … Hex Handle Quick Disconnect Pitot Tube:  (our most popular model) The handle is machined from solid brass hex stock with rounded corners.  Simple, solid and able to be used with one or two hands.  The 8” handle is nickel plated and comes with both ends of the QD fitting. 

Note: Pitot Tubes # 1 & 2 are supplied with one metal or two plastic blades.  

3 … Ultra Light Quick Disconnect Stainless Pitot:  Light, strong, compact and matched with an ultra thin stainless stepped blade (#8).  Similar to the old Jones Improved Pitot Tube.   Ours features a QD fitting for the gauge and an additional step in the blade for a 2 ½” hydrant opening. The handle is made from stainless and comes with our standard QD fitting. 

4 … Same as #3 above, but with a screw-in fitting for the gauge in place of the standard quick disconnect fitting.   

5 … Standard Metal Nickel Finished Pitot Blade:  Our standard blade for many years with thousands now in use.  Economical and now with a more refined tip. It is easily fitted to any of our handles.   

6 … Plastic Straight Style Blade:  Designed from our standard straight metal blade this is approximately 1/3 thinner and injection molded around a stainless steel tube for water flow.  We feel that this blade is very clean in the stream, durable and inexpensive.  In most cases it can be changed in the field without tools.   

7 … Plastic Notched Blade:  The notched design allows for center placement of the pickup on Underwriter’s playpipes, 2 ½” hydrants and our 2 ¼” hydrant flow nozzle.  The proper notch for each application is marked on the blade.  Like our other plastic blade this model is clean in the stream, durable, inexpensive and is injection molded around a stainless steel tube for water flow.  It can be changed in most cases without tools.  

8 … Ultra Thin Notched Stainless Pitot Blade:  Made similar to the Jones type blade, our design is made from stainless steel with a stainless tube for water flow.  The steps provide perfect placement for playpipes, hydrants or our 2 ¼” hydrant flow nozzle. This blade is very sturdy and exceptionally thin making it very clean in the stream. 

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