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The MICBlast - Corrosion Inhibiting System

The MICBlast - Corrosion Inhibiting System for FPS
For Dry and Pre-Action Systems
The Green Solution to Inhibiting Corrosion

Maintains Supervisory Pressure with Nitrogen Gas

o   MICBlast supplies the Fire Protection System (FPS) with dry, low pressure Nitrogen which is an inert, non-flammable gas
o   Nitrogen, with a -40 degree F dew point, allows for continuous absorption of residual moisture left within the FPS piping (i.e. drying out FPS)

Depletes Oxygen within the FPS

o   Inhibiting Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)
o   Inhibiting Galvanic Corrosion

½  Incorporate into new building designs or integrate into existing FPS
½  Compact and is simple to install
½  Less maintenance than bottled High Pressure Nitrogen Cylinders, dewars, or liquid bulk tanks 

Complete with the
BlastOff Leak Detection System: Alarms when the MICBlast senses excessive leaks within the FPS piping and/or fittings.
MICBlast - AutoPurge System: Ensures that the FPS piping is pressurized and completely blanketed with high purity Nitrogen