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Fire Stopping (Caulking)

Intumescent Sealant
• Water based, intumescent
• Economical
• Forms a durable, water-tight bond
• Physical properties remain stable over time
• During a fire expands to fill opening where combustible piping was located
• Tools easily
• Low odour
• Ideal for “caulk and walk” systems
• Colour: Red

Acrylic Sealant
• Water based
• Economical
• Forms a durable, flexible water-tight bond
• Applied by caulking or trowel
• Physical properties remain stable over time
• Colour: Red
• Silicone & Silicone SL
• Forms a durable, flexible, water-tight bond
• May be applied over a wide temperature range, -18°C to 50°C (0°F to 120°F)
• Physical properties will remain stable over time
• Will not crack or crumble
• Tools easily
• SL = self-levels - no tooling required
• Neutral cure - low odour
• Underside of floor applications tested
• Colours: Red