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Lightsaver Linear Strobes

Model L-100 Series: Single-Station
How It Works

The LightSaver is designed to operate as a voluntary stand-alone home/building accessory consumer product to provide buildings (residential and commercial, alike) with an ever-present inconspicuous bright lighting system to identify and highlight the universally recognized shape of a safe exit door and to communicate where that door is located when other alarms in such building are activated.


LightSaver runs on a 9 volt battery.
It is constantly listening for the sound of a smoke detector.
When it hears a smoke detector go off, LightSaver turns on.
When triggered, LightSaver clearly outlines the door and floor areas so one can escape quickly.

Click here for the L-100 Series Data Sheets

L-200Si Series: Notification Appliance

These units are designed to be integrated into building-wide fire alarm systems and their local signals are remotely initiated, either automatically from detectors in the system or manually from pull-stations spread throughout a facility when so initiated by the system’s fire panel. These hard-wired

LinearStrobes are designed to be hard-wire connected to a building’s fire alarm system’s notification appliance circuitry (NAC) and are similarly configured to the system like other visual notification appliances like emergency strobes and horn-strobes.

Click here for the L-200Si Series Data Sheets